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Rocky Sims Sr. -  Safe Repair VARocky Top Lock and Safe began its evolution on September 12, 1984 when its founder, D.E. "Rocky" Sims, completed a course in locksmithing. Basic locksmith service was added to services provided by the company Rocky Top Enterprises.

Although there was no written mission statement, Rocky's focus was always customer satisfaction. Whether the job was repairs to plumbing or electrical, engine repairs or fabrication of custom items for his customer, his attention to detail and a job of which he could be proud was the goal. This same professional attitude was applied to locksmith services provided by Rocky Top Enterprises. In 1986, L.W. Rocky (Jr.) Sims began his apprenticeship. The years of knowledge were being passed to another generation which stressed doing the job and doing it well.

With the passing of Rocky (Sr.) in 1994, the torch was passed and Rocky Top Enterprises began its evolution to Rocky Top Locksmith, Inc. L.W. Rocky Sims concentrated on providing locksmith service to south side Virginia as a part time venture from 1994 until December, 1996 when the volume of requests for service became too great and Rocky Top Locksmith opened in South Hill, Va. The full time business grew quickly and the business was incorporated in May, 1997.

In 1998, safe service was added to the services provided by Rocky Top Locksmith, Inc.

Today, Rocky Top Locksmith, Inc. DBA Rocky Top Lock & Safe provides professional locksmith and safe service to a large portion of Virginia. A small, family owned business, L.W. Rocky and Brenda Sims will provide professional lock and safe service, including safe repair VA.

Locksmith South Hill VA- Rocky & Brenda Sims

We are committed to providing service to the standards set by our founder, father, and friend.

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The internet is full of PHONY Locksmith Scams. Before choosing a Locksmith make sure you are choosing a licensed company, otherwise you may find yourself a victim of fraud.

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Counties We Serve

  • Brunswick County VA
  • Greensville County VA
  • Lunenburg County VA
  • Mecklenburg County VA
  • Nottoway County VA
  • Prince Edward County VA

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When you contact Rocky Top Lock & Safe for locksmith services, you can rest assured that not only will you find friendly and experienced locksmiths - you will receive the great customer service, and your satisfaction guaranteed.

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Cash or Checks and the following Credit Cards are accepted:

Master Card & VISA Credit Cards Accepted - Safe Opening VA