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Phony Locksmith Scams - Don't Be A Victim...

The internet and yellow pages are full of Phony Locksmiths advertisements. These ads are usually large and full of references to trade organizations and products in order to give potential customers a sense that they are legitimate. They will quote a very low price and, when the "technician" arrives, will drastically increase the price for service.

There are a number of ways that you can protect yourself from these types of scams. First, before you are in need of the services of a locksmith, research legitimate locksmiths in your area. Ask family, friends and neighbors who they have used in the past. You may also call the local Chamber of Commerce or Police department for suggestions. There are organizations which will assist you in finding a legitimate, professional locksmith. You will find links to those organizations below. Scam locksmiths will not drive marked service vehicles or wear uniforms that will identify them or their business. This is an indicator that they may not be legitimate.

In Virginia, ALL locksmiths are required to be registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Every legitimate locksmith business must be licensed and each locksmith must carry a registration card issued by DCJS. When a locksmith arrives to perform a service, ask to see their registration card. If they cannot produce that card, decline the service and DO NOT pay them.

Legal Locksmiths, a company based out of Kansas City MO, is dedicated to warning the public about the massive phony locksmith scams that have been taking place in the US for many years. Take a look at their YouTube video set up as a collection point for news stories that have aired related to phony Locksmith Scams.

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